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Beaded & Knitted Angora Wool Bunny Hat with Satin Bows // ♥ Sourlemons Collab ♥

Beaded & Knitted Angora Wool Bunny Hat with Satin Bows // ♥ Sourlemons Collab ♥

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This piece has an array of pearl, hoop earrings on its bunny ears, coquette ballerina pink and black satin bows, light blue pearl embellishments, and laboriously beaded gold, champagne, and pink pompoms!  

Special collaboration with Sour Lemons! This is an one-of-a-kind, totally unique hat that was lovingly and delicately knitted by hand, then sent over to Cowgirl Moxy for embroidery and embellishing. Designed by Cowgirl Moxy, we had such an amazing meeting of the minds. It was a great gift to harness the skills of the incredibly talented and creative Sour Lemons. A labor of the sweetest, dearest, silliest love.  


 One size fits all.


Yarn: 100% Angora Wool  

Bows: Satin

Pearls: Real Vintage Japanese & Keishi pearls (freshwater)

Pompoms: Glass and acrylic beads


Dry spot clean if needed.

Angora Wool is naturally odor, dirt, and bacteria resistant as it is a self cleaning natural fiber, once belonging to a wee little bunny itself! You should not need to wash your garment.

If you absolutely must, hand wash in warm water.

Avoid getting the bows wet to avoid pigment leaching. Please refer to this set of detailed washing and drying instructions: 



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